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Smarty Pants

I've been called a smart ass plenty of times (just ask my parents) but I've never been much of a brain. I can't spell worth shit and I have just about as many blonde moments as Jessica Simpson. Also the one time I was forced to take an IQ test as an adolescent I my results were below average. That's right BELOW average....what a freaking blow. Its amazing I didn't give up right then and start my career as as full time cashier. I didn't score low enough to land me in "special" classes held in the basement of the high school but the fact that numerically I was closer to those than I was to being in the gifted program gave me a little bit of a complex that has followed me well into my adult life.

This paranoia of stupidity is impounded by the fact that I seem to surround myself with very smart people. People that enjoy trivial pursuit because they kick ass at it and can sleep through class and still get a B by just showing up on test days...bastards.

I have never graduated with honors, I have never been part of a special smart people club, I have never been to a special little ceremony to that tell people how smart I am, I've never has a luncheon with important school people or had money thrown at me to enrich my academic experience. I was however jealous every time the person sitting next to me at graduation got a little gold neckerchief or weird chords to dangle about thier neck. I really didn't know what they all represented (I still don't) but I knew I wanted them.

Today was my day to be a bright shining star. I checked my UND email ready to be pissed off by some annoying professor or fuck up with my graduation application but instead I was shocked to find an invitation for the golden key international honours society. Yes an invitation only smart people club invited me...ME?! And the best part way it wasn't even a mistake.

Apparently yours truly in her senior and hopefully finally semester ever at an academic institution has managed to finagle herself into the top 15% of her class (nothing like leaving it until the last minute). Let me tell you within minutes I was handing over my $70 bucks for a lifetime membership and eternal rights to include that little line item on my resume.

When I went to school, and school was my "job" my dad used to always say, "Go be brilliant." An odd thing for a man to say that was accepting of C's on report cards. But today I get to be the smart kid...Today I get say, Hi Dad I was brilliant.

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  • Blogger Angel says so:
    11:46 AM  

    Good job. That is awesome!!! Enjoy your earned pride. top

  • Anonymous Jen says so:
    10:55 AM  

    Congratulations! top

  • Anonymous alice says so:
    8:48 PM  

    you are a bright shining star!

    couldn't you place the society on your resume for free? now that would be really smart. top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    4:03 PM  

    I like to be honest top