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Ava + Credit Card = Danger

My house smells like dog. I've replaced almost all the soft surfaces in the upstairs of my house to try and win the battle of the dog hair. The only ones that remain are my bedspread and my beloved old living room set.

It was lovely. Now it has been chewed up, and nested in. Dog hair interwoven into the fabric so it is impossible to clean. Oh and it smells...a lot. I avoid inviting people over to my house because of the sad state of this furniture and I quite simply can't take it anymore.

It was boredom that lead to furniture browsing. Just to see whats out there so I can be prepared to spend my tax refund the moment it arrives. I'm very picky about furniture and never in a million years did I think I would find the perfect couch. But there it was and it was and CHEEP! It was 35% off! How could I resist? I thought it over for a couple days and today with my previously paid off credit card I charged the sucker. I just couldn't pass up such a deal. Its pretty its modern and although it looks horridly uncomfortable its actually very squishy.

Of course there had to be a complication. Normally when I order furniture it takes months to get in there is always some delay or they ordered the wrong color or something. Anyway they had it in their warehouse in stock and it will be here Saturday!

So what am I going to do with my stinky dog furniture? I cleaned out a space in the garage, I can deal with it when I move. That is of course if I can get the furniture physically out of the living room. I remember that being a real bitch when I had to vacate my upper level for the new floors. These couches don't really like to fit through doorways.

Also I was too cheep to pay the $50 dollar deliver fee for the new couch so I'm going to try and cram it in the back and of my schminivan...and I don't really have anyone to help me on Saturday. This should be interesting.


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  • Anonymous Nooter says so:
    10:56 AM  

    'My house smells like dog'

    this sounds like a great place to live, you must be a wonderful person! top