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Today is a happy day, yes its annual new glasses day. Belmont and Rosa killed my black everyday pair and my purple ones are all bent up due to a 3month temporary misplacement under my bed. After much deliberation I decided on these two frames.
Oslo Frame by Etina Barcelona. If I can't travel to Spain I mine as well purchase overpriced designer glasses from them. And aren't they super cute. I love to color, true I cant wear them with everything but with a black shirt and jeans these will be yow-zer! And aren't the sides totally cute?! I originally looked at a similar pair that were bigger up front and had wider sides this is much more flattering on an Ava. I'm officially nerdy-chic.

I know you are worried about me wearing the above favored pair and clashing with my wardrobe which is filled with color. Have no fear my pets I present to you my neutral pair the Alice frame by Furla. The picture isn't the best, or the right color but its all I can find. My pair is black and the sides look much cooler as they are black with a a white background. Yeah the picture sucks but trust me they are every so fetch.
God I love being visually impaired.

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  • Anonymous Jen says so:
    10:56 AM  

    Great selections! I love the color on the first pair. I think they'll look great on you. top