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a remember forever day

There are not many remember moments that I've had in my short life. Sure I have personal ones but I'm talking shared history. I wasn't around to remember when I heard JFK was shot but I do remember September 11th.

I was living in my first apartment, A old Victorian split into efficiencies. It was my third year of college and I was sleeping in a twin size bed adorned with a white comforter with purple flowers. Cobie called me that morning and told me the news. In my sleepy state I thought it was a mix up with overworked air traffic controllers. I didn't know a world of terrorism and after hanging up with Cobie I turned on the news to see the second tower crash live stream before my eyes. I remember disbelief I remember the 19'inch Sanyo television with the curved front screen that made me realize America wasn't as loved by the world as I had been told in my youth. It not a happy memory but its a day where my life changed. And a moment I remember uniting me with all the others that crowed around the big screen in Crisco Commons. A day where classes were canceled and we weren't happy about it.

Last night in an unexpected way I got that feeling, but in a happy way...a way of hope for the future. I wanted Obama to win. I voted for him, but I was surprised in the way at about 10pm they announced it and I smiled, after McCain's concession speech and as Obama graced the stage I felt it. I felt the hope, he had a glow a confidence. I trust this man, I believe in him. I am proud to live in a country who's number one isn't some old white guy. I believe this is a turning moment in history. Most of all for the first time in my adult life I believe.

Where I was when Obama was elected: I was sitting on my new leather couch in my living room in my first house. I watched CNN on my 13 inch RCA television. I was talking to Alice and a JSP (Joe Six-Pack) on yahoo messenger. I saw Jesse Jackson being pissed, Oprah with tears in her eyes and a people crammed into Grant park shouting YES WE CAN!

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    3:57 PM  

    and i will remember i was driving to la crescent to get cheap gas. damn i wish i had been doing something better, but the gas light was on! top