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Joe Six Pack

I've been chatting with a boy. Internet dating apparently is a brick wall I haven't slammed my head into enough. I've been talking to Joe Six Pack (JSP) for over a month now and he has managed to not annoy or piss me off in any way...amazing. And today he finally officially asked me on a date and get this being the boy he is driving here (he lives about 45minutes away) and is going to plan the whole thing. This goes over very well with me because then all I am responsible for is trying to find my very underused date mascara and "make me feel pretty" perfume.

So lets meet the bachelor. Bachelor no.976 is a swm, never married, would like children in the future. He likes his parents and has a real job in finance. He balances his checkbook on Saturdays, and pays his own mortgage (hold on I need to change my panties).

He believes 7 out of 10 people are inherently stupid, and thinks the my studying of clinical chemistry is "sexy." He is 5'10, 31 year old and a Scorpio (and yes we are astrologically as compatible as possible...he looked it up too) Under body type described himself as a few extra pounds and believes women should eat.

He enjoys playing poker with his friends, and watching snl. We have spent hours making fun of Sarah Palin. He voted for Obama and admitted having to hold back crocodile tears while watching his acceptance speech. He is flattering in an un-creepy way and for the life of me I have no idea why this one is single but then again I have no idea why I'm single either.

His favorite movie is Bull Durham which combines baseball and a surprisingly large amount of romantic content. He knows nothing about cars and has not given me detailed stats on his mode of transportation. He remembers things I tell him, has talked to his friends about me, and I even got the opportunity to talk to one of these friends who gave him and glowing recommendation.

JSP has potential, I can respect this one he has his shit together. I don't know anything about the date and have agreed to a "surprise" which makes me anticipate it even more. So look for updates next weekend.

P.S. Good day today I've still been doing my weigh-ins and today I checked and I'm down 17lbs right on track for my 20lbs by the end of the year. Go me! One day I dream to be overweight rather than obese :)

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  • Blogger Kristen says so:
    7:38 AM  

    yay for Ava. Let me know how it goes! top

  • Anonymous David says so:
    8:08 PM  

    Good luck with your date - Mr JSP sounds quite promising. top