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Stupid Stupid Stupid

I did something dumb today. Well I put my couch on my previously paid off credit card (ie not used to paying the bill and therefore I don't have it set to pay automatically which meant I actually had to do something) Anyways I think to myself...

Self I say its funny I haven't gotten a bill yet. Then self says well maybe you did after all you do have that pile of mail sitting in your kitchen waiting to be sorted. There it was. Due 4days ago. I set it up and paid it online but it wont go through until its 6days late ensuring I'm sure a hefty fee.

Sigh. I suck. Oh well I paid $450 (my minimum is $20) so I'm just going to ignore that little late fee of my bill last month since I'm sure I paid enough to take care of it...that is assuming I even bother to open the bill next month.

In other happier news my dear friend Tiff is engaged. So a special congratulations to her. This guy has seemed like her perfect match from the get-go and I'm thrilled to see her so happy. Hey I'm getting better at this happy-for-people aren't I? Now I have a year to secure a wedding date that is willing to fly to South Carolina for the wedding.

Speaking of dates (my transitions are so smooth I should be on the pickup artist) I talked to JSP today and we had a very pleasant conversation and I am the proud owner of plans for a second date. Of course due to my amanda palmer/family/extravaganza vacation the timing is difficult. I'm going to see if I can flex my time at work and get out a wee bit early so we can get together on Friday night before I leave. I think its good to have the second date within a week of the first...keeps the ball rolling as it were. Hopefully this mount saint helen cold sore of mine will be gone by then.

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