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Black Friday

I didn't go to sleep Thursday night, I came home from work did my normal avoidance of anything productive save a smidge bit of backing for Saturday's impending departure. Then at 4:16am I rolled out of my driveway and set off for walmart. Now this little miss prissy from prissy town won't even go to walmart on a Saturday let alone black Friday but watching my 12'" t.v. that was bought on a spur of the moment post breakup lack of bedroom TV. After the new couch I moved the tiny TV into the living room which was at best tolerable. I wanted...ahem needed a HDTV a flat screen to match my impeccable style.
I arrived within 3minutes and headed into the TV line. My objective was at 32" flat screen for the low low price of $388 and wouldn't you know it just 2hours later yours truly was the proud owner of the second to late one! And I didn't even get a black eye!

Here it is unpacked and in its natural environment. I really need a t.v.stand the makeshift night stand just isn't going to cut it since my DVD player is laying on the floor...Bonus point What movie am I watching on my new T.V. Alice no cheating since I talked to you just prior to starting the flick.

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