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Vacation Update

Vacation has been progressing nicely. I got to Milwaukee in time for us to make it to the french bistro for dinner. Of course what I ordered wasn't exactly my taste but the creme brule was to die for!

Sunday was spent with my family visiting my grandma, grandpa, two aunts and my little cousins. Kinda sad (because my grandfather is quite ill) but he was having a good day and it was just good to have a visit with everyone. On the way home we got trapped in a snow storm on country road which was not at all fun but then again I didn't have to drive so whatever.

Monday was shopping day with mom, we went to woodfield which was pretty much a bust but then moved on to old navy, nordstrom rack, filens basement, marshalls, tjmaxx and of course beloved ikea and had much more success.

I found the most perfect tv stand at ikea. Its technically a small shelf with glass doors but it will so work. I cant take it home on the train and didn't want to pay shipping so Alice and Rory will be forced to track down furniture parts at ikea with me...well at least it will be fun for me.

Today was a lazy day. My mom and I went out for lunch and are spending the afternoon putting up the christmas tree and other fun christmas decorations. So there is your mini-update.

Tomorrow Amanda Palmer!

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