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I know, I've been a total non-blogger lately but I have been very busy trying to do a month and a half's worth of homework in 2weeks...I suck at life. Also my wireless internet has decided to stop working which requires me to be sitting in front of an old tv and on an old couch while on the computer which I can only tolerate for about 20minutes...life is so hard sometimes. Anywhoo so I don't forget these are the posts that are milling about in my mind and I will write later.

1. Urban vs. Suburban...an Ava can make it in the city alone

2. Amanda Palmer in Minneapolis

3. Top 25 songs of the year...new favorites or old flashbacks these tunes rocked my ipod in '08

4. Date Three with JSP and what to plan for date 4

5. Unlikely duo: The curious case of the Fry pan and the laundry soap


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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    10:50 PM  

    i am looking forward to all of these! you tease! top