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Daddy Dearest

My father is quite possibly the cutest dad alive. This morning I received multiple phone calls (4) and emails (2) to not drive home tonight after work. My dad who had the day off took it upon himself to drive to Wisconsin this morning to test the roads for me. He stopped in Kenosha to open his little plastic bag which contains his cell phone and call my mother to put out the no-travel decree.

So the plan is tomorrow I will see how the roads are and make the call to come home for Christmas or spend my holiday sitting at home with no tree and no presents. Depressing.

Of course on the upside if I do get snowed out I can take a long weekend for new years, hang with Cobie and the family on the weekend so actually that would benefit everyone but still its just not the same.

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  • Anonymous Rory says so:
    8:31 AM  

    Your dad cracks me up - that was so sweet of him to check the roads in wisconsin for you.

    Hope you make it home for Christmas! top

  • Anonymous alice says so:
    12:24 AM  

    haha! i was at heff and hew's house and there was a giant container of cheese puffs. hew did a perfect impersonation of your dad. top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    5:58 PM  

    There was a giant container of cheese puffs on my parents counter as well (there is always consistancy at home). And they must always stay on the counter because they are far to big to fit in any cabinet. top