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Somewhere along the genetic line my family lost the graceful trait. My mother falls down the stairs on a regular basis and my father all though typically staying upright is by no means suave. Today I was walking over to sit on the couch. I forgot I had moved my coffee table (with sharp corners) up close to the couch to use as a footrest.

I ran into it just under my knee which shocked me causing me to loose my balance and fall forward thereby hitting my knee again (more specifically my kneecap this time) on my way down catapulted forward by my massive bulk.

It really hurt. Like falling on the couch nauseous in the stomach hurting. I composed myself and went on with my day. Over the course of the day the top of my knee has swollen to a nice lump. It doesn't hurt nearly as badly but I am aware of its presence. What concerns me is while walking up and down stairs today my knee has began making a crunching noise. Well honestly I don't know if I'm hearing the crunching...or feeling the crunching its quite weird. It isn't painful per say but I'm guessing this isn't a good sign. My marathon dreams are dashed.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    12:50 AM  

    sadly, i am very aware of your plight. top