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setbacks & other stuff

Sigh I had my UND cummulative final you need a 70% to pass...I did not get a 70% I would like to say I'm surprized but lets face facts here folks I didn't study at all for this test. Nope not even one page of notes. And my review semester was a joke. So I have no one to blame but myself. Have no fear though, as I was going through the test everything was familiar I just couldn't place it so I'm pretty sure all that stuff is in my brain somewhere I just have to bring it back to the surface.

I ordered a new study book since the one I am borrowing has the answers marked in it which makes it hard for me to actually use it. I also bought some study cards so hopefully that will help. Either way its going to be a tough month or so...I will get through it I've been through worse.

On the upside work has been good. I've been busy which is nice I like having a bit more work to do than I have time for makes the day go quicker. I talked to jsp today. We have gotten to the point of daily communication, even if it is just a text in passing. We are going to get together again this weekend I forgot how time consuming a relationship can be. Its nice to have something to look forward though, and jsp is certainly not needy so we have a good balance going. (PS notice jsp has earned his own tag)

I also watched the inaguration today. Well I mostly fastforwarded through about 3hrs of it to watch the speeches. It wasnt near as cool as election day but still it was important to be part of the expeience. Hopefully now if I go overseas I wont have to pretend Im canadian.

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