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The update

So I've been getting tons of inquiries for an update on JSP. I certainly don't want to leave my audience hanging but there really isn't much to say. We were going to get together last weekend but he was sick...miserably sick. Even though he sounded like hell we spent most of our canceled date night talking on the phone.

We even broached the he's to gentalmanly topic. And no he isn't having a extra long herpes outbreak. No I belive he said, "I'm dying over here but I didn't want to rush you." very nice.

He then went on to admit he's a bit rusty to girlisms and is used to girls that are more direct than I. So I clued him in that when I say let's go watch a movie at my place actually means hey baby let's get busy.

Needless to say I'm going to have to be more direct with mr.jsp but that's ok because I do get more forward as my comfort level increases. Oh and I'm getting comfortable.

We have a date for Saturday maybe I'll plan a movie at my place :)

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