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Dissapearing act

Okay so I've totally sucked about updating my blog but in my own defense my Internet has been out since Christmas. This proves to be quite annoying because that means I only have Internet at work and they tend to frown on blogging durring company time.

So for your benifit I'm typing out this short update via my fabulous (albeit) tiny iPhone. I hate to dissapoint but nothing much is new. New years was super. I hung out in lovely Rochester and went to a party. Many drinks and my first hangover in recent memory. Note to self don't switch from hard liqoir to plum wine at 3am.

In other news I have had two more dates with jsp and he has even taken to asuming we will have plans for the weekend. I take this as a good sign. What I take as a not so good sign is he is still being a perfect geltelman. As alice says by date 7 you should have seen him with at least some clothing removed. I haven't even seen his socks off.

I'm starting to become paranoid. He's interested that much I can tell. He gets major kudos for effort planning paying opening doors all that good stuff. So what's the problem? Lets entertain some delusional senaeios shall we...

He thinks I'm pride and doesn't want to scare me off...possible I haven't been particularilly forward and could stand to step up my own game

After his wildish past he has become a born again virgin...god I hope not

He is having a massive 2 month long case of herpes of the junk...eww

He has some odd body issue: third nipple, tiger striped chest hair, or a little willy

-- Post From My iPhone

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