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Sometimes while sitting on my couch I think I could get a lot done in a day if I wasn't sitting on the couch. I am wrong. You work all day and barely anything gets done. Sucky.

I worked pretty much all day. I took a break about 4 hours in and looked at my progress. The room looked like a disaster. All the cupboards were open, crap all over the counter tops and any surface available. Sigh. I didn't even get the kitchen done and I worked on it for 9 hours. How is that possible?

Anyways I took a picture when it looked its worst so I could do a before and after.

Tuesday's (Realistic Plan): Finish what was on monday's list :)

On the upside I found my camera and a missing anti-virus disc. So happy day progress is being made.

Oh and in a total unrelated not I found something I don't like about my mac...no little card slot to put in my camera memory card. I have no idea were the usb plug is....sigh.


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