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Monday's Plan of Attack

Okay after my Sunday was wasted its time to get down to business I have 5 vacation days where I need to get something done. I need a plan. I am a big fan of lists, when I do stuff on them I feel accomplished. I like that. So here is tomorrows plan...

Living Room

  • Remove paper shades, hang curtains, call on back ordered blinds...
  • Clean off table, gather DVDs from downstairs and put in boxes, gather random books and find a place on the bookcase for them...par down nick nack collection & declutter book shelves.
  • Re-hang candle thing so its not behind the TV, hang clock above the bookshelves book shelves.
  • Declutter windowsill....(Ask Carri which plants can be relocated)
  • Sweep/vacuum floors and carpeting.
  • Try to clean ottoman...if it doesn't work throw it away
  • Dishes, counter tops, appliances
  • Go through mail and all the other miscellaneous "stuff" by the mail
  • Install a key hook (ahem a nail)
  • Clear out the dresser in there, move it to the spare bedroom (if too heavy move the drawers to the spare bedroom)
  • Take everything out of the pantry and put it on the table...make bags for food shelf donation, replace sparingly. Go through small appliances in the same manner.
  • Take everything out of the cupboards put things back so they make sense...throw away anything that is falling apart or generally crappy.
  • Wood treatment for tables, chairs and cabinets.
  • Clean sliding door, wipe down walls
  • Mop the floor.
  • Gather & sort laundry
  • Put away whatever is clean
  • Make a stuff to buy list
  • shower & eat
  • Drink a bottle of wine
  • Listen to my RATE ME play list
Wish me luck on day 1 of hell week.

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  • Blogger Kristen says so:
    6:36 AM  

    Sounds like a good game plan. Good Luck! Helping hands will be there on Friday. We both took half days so we'll show up in the afternoon sometime. top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    9:31 PM  

    Super I need the reinforcements! You guys are the best! top

  • Blogger Inga says so:
    11:59 PM  

    Do you need me to come and help you clean again :) top