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Homeowner Overload

Today I spent most of my day attempting to make a dent in my massive disorganized library...when I simply couldn't handle another second I took a break to give Belmont and Rosa a walk. They were shocking well behaved.

I figured this little break would put me back into productive mode and get started on cleaning. Well that didn't exactly happen. I went into my bedroom to clear out the laundry and almost had a panic attack.

I hate my bedroom. I hate is so much words can not express how much I destest and loathe every single thing in it. It has country curtains, a shabby chic celling fan, oversized traditional furniture and country blue walls. Its crouded. I hate it.

Much with my living room sometimes I snap and just cant take it anymore. So on a whim I started disembling the bed. I used a fitting sheet to put under the box spring, so It didnt scratch the floor. (I started taking drawers out from everything) I cast away the furniture parts into the hallway kitchen and spare bedroom. It's like a tornado hit.

Great now I have an empty room with a matress and I can't really go to any other rooms upstairs (of course that can be remedied tommorow..im not about to be dragging furniture into the garage in the middle of the night).

Don't worry I have a plan.

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