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Sleepless Nights

After my big test JSP and I set out for the cities we stopped at IKEA on our way in where I purchased:

  • 28 black and white boxes
  • 4 big red boxes
  • 6 big black boxes
  • 4 closet hung shoe caddies
  • A cotton circle caddy
  • 3 pots
  • A partrige in a pear tree (okay not really)

We then went to MOA where I reaffirmed that I hate crowds and people but did manage to wedge my way into the apple store to buy some new ear buds.

We then checked into the hotel where I snoozed for about 30minutes before heading out to dinner at old spaghetti factory and the show "How to make love like a minnesotan-sleepless in Shokope" It was hilarious.

Of course the real story starts when JSP and I went back to our hotel room and turned out the lights ;) no its not what you think I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to sleep, blessed sleep. Jsp turned on the tv and I closed my eyes to rest, then I tossed, I turned, I itched and itched some more. Eventually I itched myself to half-awake. Were I realized I was itching and burning all over.

I was allergic to the sheets. I took a shower which helped and slept in my jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt. Not exactly comfy, not to mention itching doesn't really go away in a second so residual itching was an issue. No one got a good nights sleep.

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