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Remember Me

Because Im lame and need my ego stroked now and again I posted a note on facebook for friends to share a memory about me. Now in a quest for eternal documentation and in a hope that one day I will get my blog printed and have it as a coffee table book in a disgusting display of egocentricity (is that a word) I must re-organize these memories from my facebook and put them in my blog. I need a new hobby.

From Rory:

I remember making fruity icecream drinks and inadvertently getting your dog Belmont wasted as we sat in those flimsy pink and blue target chairs on the patio. Or the many road trips where you and Alice tortured me with Cheesy Rap Volumes 1 -7. Or when we first had the brain child to knit our christmas presents and went to that tiny yarn place in ... Read Morethe Winona Mall - and how you tried to teach me to do it but my left handedness prevented anything from happening that remotely looked like knitting but it eventually opened the gates for life time love of a yarn and crochet goodness. Or how you shake your head at me when I take a joke to far - but you're always there if I need to talk about the serious stuff in life. Yep, you rock.

From Heff:

I remember a drunk bonding session on the couch in my basement over anti-depressants. I also remember feeding Hairnet baby food the next morning because I was afraid he was dangerously hung-over, and I thought he might die. I guess that turned into a memory about Hairnet.... Well you get what you pay for.

From Rose (person you guys dont know but a pal from my old job):

well I dont see the comment button on your message but i remember how you were there to take the dogs for a spell due to my unfortunate circumstances. Thats what I call a true friend - helping another out. Thank you Ava for doing that :)

Note to Rose...no problem boblem

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