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How far will ava go for pie?

I've spent pretty much every second of everyday making flashcards for my boards studying...I've made over 1000 so far. Fun no? Okay so I have had a little fun. I had way to much planned this weekend. On saturday a church brunch, and a date with JSP. Then on Sunday a superbowl party. I ended up clearning my schedule except for JSP who insisted that we go out because I needed a day off. So on Saturday afternoon I dove to Albert lea and met up with jsp where we embarked on a two and a half hour roadtrip for pie.

We arrived at Langes in Pepstone, MN where I got a burger and fries topped off with the best cherry pie alamode ever. Such a roadtrip is quite a bit to ask of a new relationship but we spent the time in the car with the music low and much conversation about (I don't remember what) but it was good.

After lunch we went over the border to Souix Falls, SD and got lost (he refused to ask for directions) after he turned the wrong way on a one way and having 5 cars charging front on to us I enlisted my wonderful ipod gps to route us in. We arrived at the raddison and due to our late check in got upgraded to a suit on the "private access" floor. We actually got to put the key card in the elevator to get to it. AND president Obama stayed there during one of his many campaigning stops. I probably stayed in the same bed as some secret service man.

We settled in watched tv, went swimming, sat in the sauna and ordered room service. JSP planned everything, paid for everything, and pretty much attended to my every whim. It was pretty good :)

It was just the break I needed. Last week was stressful. Between being under the weather, studying, sick grandmothers and general annoyances of life a day off was exactly what I needed. I just can't say how much fun I had. We really just had a fun time together. I'm no officially re-smitten. I guess that nice-guy thing isn't so bad after all.

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