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Time Warp Tuesday

I was starting to organize the closet in my upstairs spare bedroom. I stumbled across my very first diary here is the first entry for your idle amusement:

April 12th 1994

Today it was E & T's 13th birthday. E is tall, slender and very popular, T is short and has an appearance that reminds me of a mouse, but N one of my best friends totally loves him she is also obsessed with a base ball player on the cubs he plays 1st base and his number is 17. I would tell you all the facts but its boring. Now you get to know me my name is Ava Mazur, My parents are T and J Mazur. My mothers maiden name is ***. I go to a private school called St. Peter, I'm in 7th grade and I'll be 13 on July 20th 1994. I love horses and I ride at Market Hill Farm on April 24th 1994 I''ll be in a show, I don't have my own horse but I do have other animals I'll talk later.

I have to say I think my introductions have improved...I think I may make time warp tuesdays a regular feature, as flipping through there are some real gems in there. Unfortunately with the magic of face book many of the people talked about in said funny crazy insane entries are face book friends of course I'm the one most likely to succumb to embarrassment.


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