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A day in the life

So what does a newly single girl do on her first day of freedom?

  • Sleep in until 2pm
  • think about taking a shower
  • Step into shower but am too lazy to wash hair or actually wash anything get out of shower
  • put on jeans and t-shirt that were on my floor
  • warm up leftover roast
  • play sorority life and pet society on facebook for 3 hours
  • watch a movie
  • move some stuff into the garage
  • sweep garage, realize you are tired leave the pile of leaves in the middle of the garage, don't bother to move the car back into the garage.
  • sit on the couch and think about cleaning the kitchen which is filled with crap and in your line of vision
  • talk on the phone to rory
  • talk on the phone to my dad for an hour and a half and thank your lucky stars that he doesn't ask about that nice guy you are dating...
  • order a pizza
  • eat to much pizza
  • eat some cookies
  • eat more pizza
  • mentally complain about being fat
  • contemplate cleaning bookshelves
  • sit on the couch some more and wish more people were on line
  • go on okcupid
  • regret going on okcupid
  • feed the dogs
  • crochet
  • watch more tv
  • write a blog
Sure it might look like I'm moping...but really this is my typical sunday :P


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