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Is it wrong to want to break up with someone because you went through the effort of making dinner and they want rolls with it and don't offer to pick up said rolls on their way over...when really it is the least they can do considering you spent at least 20 bucks on other dinner things?

I think I'm meant to be single forever...that's cool. Alice how do you feel about being in my will for taking over my one-day to-be children's guardianship?

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    2:33 PM  

    i can do that, we all know i won't have a husband, boyfriend, children, or pets to occupy me. what do i do with my time? oh i know. sorority life. top

  • Blogger Kristen says so:
    11:35 PM  

    do i get to be non-biological auntie kristen - I will teach him/her yarn crats and how to kill a joke real fast. top