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Time Warp Tuesdays pt.2

Due to popular demand I bring you our second edition to time warp Tuesdays...okay I only got feedback from Alice but that's good enough for me.

April 13th, 1994

My so called best friend N is mad because I wrote stuff about her in my journal (this book) and when I went to get my notebook for Language Arts she told L to read it. So she did and gave it to B (B is a boy) so she was willing to extend my most hidden secrets to anyone, but it had something about her. (HA).

"I'm not obsessed!" She said.

Bull Shit! Well she made me promise not to write about her anymore. I said no. Well she just called...I said, "I thought I'm not your friend anymore."

She said, "I lied."
I hung up.

Then 30 seconds later she called back, the conversation was short. She said, Why did you hand up on me?" I said, "The same reason I'm hanging up now."

Then she called back and just hung up.

P.S. I don't know what the reason was that I hung up.

Where to begin? First of all why did I have it in class anyway? Secondly poor N I'm sure she got a lot of flack for her crushes. Then she comes crawling back and I'm completely bitchy and hang up on her. I guess its good to know that my irrational ways are a long standing tradition.
Also my "most hidden secrets" for goodness sake melodramatic much? And don't get me started on the unnecessary post script...I did that a lot as a kid, and am still tempted to do it now, it shames me.


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  • Anonymous Rory says so:
    1:09 PM  

    That is hillarious. I wish I had my old diaries...

    Language Arts Class - maybe you wrote something in your journal that was really profound and you wanted to share it with the class ala 10 things I hate about you fashion. top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    2:03 AM  

    well the truly funny part is that I put these in chronologically....so I only had one entry in it (the one posted last week) heheh. top

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