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Time Warp Tuesdays pt.3

May 9th, 1994

I just don't care. I was talking to Tom about Nichole when all of a sudden Nichole gets mad. Its not like he didn't already know. Well then Nichole said, "I'll tell who you love...."

Well I don't love, I just like him. I don't think someone can be in love unless they share thoughts with them. When you are in love you share the same interests. If you don't just like a boy but love him already when you go into a relationship you have nothing to build on.

Well anyway I wasn't embarrassed so when Tom started listing names he goes, "It couldn't be Blair"

Umm then I said, "Why not?"

I was wondering why it couldn't be Blair. So I like Blair big deal. I never understood why it is such a big secret.

Right now I'm on the bottom bunk at walcamp, a christian camp. Nichole is on the top bunk and jumping up and down, so excuse my handwritting. Nichole can be such a bitch.

We were at square dancing, Blair said, "Do you really love me?" I said, "No" which is true.

Well also today I held a baby lamb that was only 3days old it was so cute. Me, Katie, Nichole and Erin got to go.

So now Nichole supposedly doesn't like Tom, Yhea I realllllyyyyy believe that, she is so full of bull. Now she likes Greg.

****** is now best friends with Erin. ****** cut her hair short, and made a scar on her shoulder. I'm starting to feel she isn't my friend anymore. (Details excluded)


It's not much of a wonder why Nichole and I never seemed to get along seeing as I used every opportunity I could to gossip about her and spill her crushes. In fact its amazing we were ever friends at all.

The other thing I find interesting about this entry and many others is my obsession with boys and who likes who, or who is best friends with who and how all the social cards are falling. I don't remember being obsessed with boys at that age. The only crush I really every remember having was Andy but that may have been before this diary.

I took out just about everything about ***** bad situation and I don't want to air someone elses past that is none of my business. It makes me sad though, sad I didn't understand or have any concept what so ever of what she may have been going through. Sad that even though I didn't out right ditch her I didn't fight to stay friends with her either.

****** and I used to write letters back and forth, the last one I think was shortly after I graduated from college. I lost her address somewhere in my moves and quite frankly I am too lazy to write letters anyway. I remember her last letter she was happy living out east with her boyfriend. She seemed well, she seemed OK. I hope she still is.


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