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Ava's Crafty Corner - Duplicating a pattern

In a continuation of my dress a wall series I present to you how to match copy something for matching artwork.

Step one: As always pick something simple. Take the cellophane wrapping off of the canvas and unfold it onto the pattern you wish to copy. Trace the patter with a PAINT PEN. No Not a marker or a sharpie...a paint pen and a paint pen only. If you don't own one. Buy one.

Step Two: Place the paint marked cellophane face down...so the paint is touching the canvas. If using multiple canvases make sure they are tightly and evenly spaced. When you have the picture centered use a pencil to trace over the painted lines. The pressure will cause the paint to transfer from the cellophane onto the canvas. The lines will be light and a bit sketchy so be sure to fill in the gaps with your trusty pencil. Here is a picture before filling in with pencil.

Step Three: Paint, paint, paint and paint some more. Tada! One thing I learned dark purple wall paint requires about 6 coats....and will never be used for this use again.


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  • Blogger Inga says so:
    10:46 PM  

    you really are craftier than I would have thought. Now when I get a place I will have to recruit you to help make it pretty top