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Asses 4 Me

Alice and I were stalking okcupid when I stumbled across this fine bachelor. Laddies I decided to not snatch this one up so he is still available for the pickings

Name: Asses4Me (real screen name) I'm looking for a girl which also isn't easy to do because of my so called "kink" I'd guess 1% of females might be able to handle what I like.

What is the most private thing You're willing to admit here? I love anal sex...you did ask. And no I'm not gay.

What are your favorite movies? Anything with Cary Grant or Bruce Willis

Let's consider Asses4me for a moment. He is obviously on the site for "activity partners" I mean the screen name says it all. So the guy likes anal sex that is fair enough everyone has their thing. What makes me curious is why he feels the need to defend his sexuality in response to his anal sex. Now perhaps if perhaps the most private thing he was willing to admit was he really likes to take it up the ass I would say sure you should say you want a woman with a strap-on and not a guy...well and you would need a screen name that was ass4you. But I guess he wanted to be crystal clear.

Now his movie taste...Cary Grant or Bruce Willis? Realllly? Thats like saying yeah, I love music you know anything like by Mozart or Tiny Tim.

Oh and last but not least the picture. He says he's 26 but he looks about 12, I'm slightly concerned I might be prosecuted for posting such a picture. Notice the background...A sparsely decorated office with a plant. Is he at work? At home watching porn? Whats especially odd is his smile and by the way he is posed it almost seems as if he is unaware of his state of undress.
And quite a state of undress it is. You know when I take my pants off I go all out. I make a decision on or off and I go for it. I certainly dont stop mid-thigh and then rest my hands akwardly on the waistline as if to say...yeah thats good I'm done removing these...people can see my freshly bleached tighty-whities and thats whats really important.

You didn't think I was going to let the vest go unnoticed. I imagine asses4me preparing for his big photoshoot looking at his closet going what to wear...what to wear. Humm I need something that really shows me off I'll just skip the shirt and go for this striking....OLD NAVY FLEECE VEST. Yes perfect.

This guy will never be mistaken for gay...even with the twink hair no homosexual man would ever be caught dead in that half-outfit.


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  • Anonymous wynn says so:
    7:03 AM  

    Some dudes are awesomely bad at whatever they try to do in these circumstances. I'm sure huges masses of girls wanna be the 1% part that can handle what he likes.. I know I would... (??)

    (I was lying) top

  • Anonymous alice says so:
    11:14 AM  

    i just noticed that it was likely someone else had taken that picture. top

  • Anonymous Rory says so:
    8:53 PM  

    It looks like he's at the dentist office reception desk.

    You think from all the cyberlove parades and jerking off, his arms would have more definition. Frankly I think I have bigger biceps than this wee fellow. top

  • Anonymous Heffré says so:
    8:04 PM  

    The funny thing is I think I have that tech vest from like 1999 top