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Sober living

So tonight I went out with an old college pal I haven't talked to for at least 6 years. We had drinks listened to a band and met her brother who I think may have been my chiropractor at one point when my normal one couldn't get me in.

I had three beers. Yes it was on an empty stomach but still. Only three.

I was walking back to my car to drive home when I was reminded of Alices recent almost DUI and I had second thoughts. I lit my cigar I prepurchased so I wouldn't bum cigarettes off people and thought to myslef this is a bad plan.

Smoking my cigar sans friends I went to Amsterdam only because they used to have a gblt happy hour once a month (Rochester is so conservative) so now I'm sitting alone in a bar. Feel sorry for me I don't hve the social skills.

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